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1.1.6 MOD Unlimited Money

新三國 漢室復興 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money) free download for android free

新三國 漢室復興 MOD APK is one of the most popular Strategy game created by android-1mod for Android. It includes some advanced features really easy to use. It is a cool free game and is definitely worth having on your phone.

MOD title : 新三國 漢室復興
Game Votes : 10601
Latest Version : 1.1.6
Added Date : 2020-09-17
Total Installs : 100,000+
Category : Strategy
Requirement : Android 5.0+
Playstore Link : Google Play
Offered By : android-1mod.com

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What’s New:

  • 新三國 漢室復興 Update new Version
  • Added New levels
  • Remove Bug
  • Fix All problems
  • Added Unlimited money of 新三國 漢室復興
  • Life time mod version added

Rating : out of 10.0 | Vote: 10601

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新三國 漢室復興 1.1.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money): 【遊戲簡介】
《新三國 漢室復興》是一款以三國時代為背景的即時戰略手遊,遊戲中玩家將以一座小城為起點,屯兵募糧,討伐山賊平定黃巾。招募三國名將名士於麾下,與軍團夥伴一起征戰四方,對弈各路諸侯,攻城略地,在漢末亂世建立屬於自己的不朽功業!

城池建設 列土守牧一方
《新三國 漢室復興》中的建築風格完美還原了漢代的風貌。玩家的城市參考了漢都城長安與洛陽的佈局坐北朝南東西對稱。遊戲中主公可修建城墻鞏固城防,開墾農田囤積糧草物資,招募士兵整頓器械,為爭霸天下做準備。

排兵佈陣 還原真實戰場

廣納賢才 培養名將良相
在《新三國 漢室復興》不僅可以招募五虎上將、五子良將,荀彧、郭嘉等漢末名士名將,還能招募甄姬、小喬、貂蟬等美人。他們既可以作為將領帶領軍事隨主公在戰場殺敵,也可以參與內政管理,建設城池屬地。

陣營軍團 協作征戰天下
在《新三國 漢室復興》中有漢室、諸侯、群雄三大陣營,遊戲中主公可以與軍團同伴一起攻城掠地,擴充地盤,與其他陣營爭奪城池屬地,攻陷王城後,還可以開府建牙封王拜相,分封文武官員。

百城同屏 攻城某霸業
在《新三國 漢室復興》中擁有超過155座各類城池。遊戲獨創的城池連線玩法更加突出歷史的真實戰略,主公需先攻克郡內縣城方可攻略郡城,攻陷王城周邊的郡城打通道路之後才可圖謀勢力王城和皇城洛陽。攻略城池後更可獲得城池的屬性加成!

董卓入京 全新版本重磅推出
《新三國 漢室復興》繼首個賽季劇本【黃巾之亂】後,全新賽季劇本【董卓入京】即將開啟,世界BOSS“華雄”、“呂布”登場,全新劇情任務【鏖戰呂布】、【火燒洛陽】開啟,世界地圖“野怪”【董卓軍】上線,還有十位全新史詩武將即將上線!

《新三國 漢室復興》官方粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/3KD.MFG
《新三國 漢室復興》官方網站:https://3kd.gamemorefun.net/
【Game Introduction】
“New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance” is a real-time strategic mobile game with the background of the Three Kingdoms era. In the game, players will use a small city as a starting point to recruit soldiers to fight against the bandits. Recruit the famous celebrities of the Three Kingdoms under your command, and fight with the legionnaires, fight against the princes, attack the city, and establish your own immortal achievements in the chaotic world of the late Han Dynasty!

【game introduction】
City construction
The architectural style in The New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance perfectly restores the style of the Han Dynasty. The player’s city refers to the layout of the capital city of Chang’an and Luoyang in the Han capital, which is symmetrical from north to south. In the game, the protagonist can build a city wall to consolidate the city’s defense, reclaim the farmland and hoard grain and grass materials, recruit soldiers to rectify the equipment, and prepare for the world hegemony.

Platoon formation to restore the real battlefield
The arms in the game are divided into four types: spearmen, archers, cavalry, and equipment. The arms will be advanced to various elite arms according to the generals’ advancement. [Flying Bear Army], [Euphorians], [No Flying] Army] The famous army will appear during the period of the Three Kingdoms. The various arms are circulated against each other. During the battle, the formation of troops should be based on the formation of the enemy’s army and their own army.

Grooming talents
In “The New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance”, not only can recruit five tiger generals, five sons and good generals, Xunyu, Guo Jia and other famous celebrities in the late Han Dynasty, but also recruit Zhen Ji, Xiao Qiao, Diao Chan and other beauties. They can not only serve as generals to lead the military to follow the protagonist to kill enemies on the battlefield, but also participate in the internal management and build the city’s territories.

Faction corps collaborate to conquer the world
There are three camps in Han Dynasty, princes, and heroes in the Revival of the Han Dynasty in the New Three Kingdoms. In the game, the protagonist can attack the city and the land with the companions of the legion, expand the territory, compete with other camps for the territory of the city, and after the capture of the king city, you can also open the government Tooth seal Wang Baixiang, separate civil and military officials.

Hundred cities on the same screen
There are more than 155 cities of all kinds in the Han Dynasty Revival of the New Three Kingdoms. The game’s original city connection gameplay highlights the real strategy of history. The protagonist needs to conquer the county towns in the county before they can attack the county town, and the towns around the king city can be attacked to fight the channel before they can plot the forces of the king city and the imperial city of Luoyang. You can get the bonus of the city’s attributes after you attack the city!

Dong Zhuo enters Beijing
“New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance” following the first season script [Yellow towel chaos], a new season script [Dong Zhuo into Beijing] is about to open, the world BOSS “Huaxiong” and “Lu Bu” debut, a new plot mission [鏖战吕布], [ Burning Luoyang] opens, the world map “Wild Monster” [Dong Zhuojun] is online, and ten brand new epic generals are about to go online!

【Official Information】
The official fan group of “New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance”: https://www.facebook.com/3KD.MFG
The official website of the New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance: https://3kd.gamemorefun.net/
This game requires internet connection
This game is free to use, and there are also paid services for buying virtual game currency and items.
Please pay attention to the game time, do not indulge in games


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