一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money) free download for android free

一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷 MOD APK is one of the most popular Role Playing game created by android-1mod for Android. It includes some advanced features really easy to use. It is a cool free game and is definitely worth having on your phone.

MOD title : 一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷
Game Votes : 10978
Latest Version :
Added Date : 2020-04-20
Total Installs : 100,000+
Category : Role Playing
Requirement : Android 4.1+
Playstore Link : Google Play
Offered By : android-1mod.com

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What’s New:

  • 一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷 Update new Version
  • Added New levels
  • Remove Bug
  • Fix All problems
  • Added Unlimited money of 一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷
  • Life time mod version added

Rating : out of 10.0 | Vote: 10978

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一劍傾心-傾心相遇,心動情迷 (MOD, Unlimited Money): 《一劍傾心》是2020開年巨製的一款真人甜蜜交互MMORPG,明星代言人郭雪芙帶妳解鎖甜蜜!3D遊戲場景結合了古韻經典與國風元素,帶你進入一個唯美仙境,指尖所觸皆為風景;獨具特色的情緣系統與跨服婚禮玩法開啟一段美麗佳話;創新的朋友圈玩法,定義全新真人在線交友的遊戲社交模式。御劍問情,來這裡,留下一個難忘的浪漫旅程!
【個性社區 真人交友 】

【執手共舞 三生情定 】
最浪漫不過舞池邊的壹見傾心,邀她共舞,舞池裡躍動的不只是是步伐,更是怦然心動,按下“甜言蜜語”按鍵,愛便要大聲說出來 。

【趣味婚禮 安暖相陪 】

【跨服仙域 寸土必爭 】

【師徒情深 免費VIP4 】

【全新boss 勇者無敵 】

【仗劍相隨 生死兄弟 】

“One Sword Devoted” is a live-action sweet interactive MMORPG in the giant system of the 2020 year. The star spokesperson Guo Xuefu takes you to unlock the sweetness! The 3D game scene combines ancient rhyme classics and national wind elements, taking you into a beautiful fairyland, all the scenery at your fingertips; the unique love system and cross-service wedding gameplay open a beautiful story; innovative friends circle gameplay Define a new social networking mode for live online dating. Yu Jian asked for love, come here and leave an unforgettable romantic journey!
【Game Features】
【Personality Community, Real Personals】
All-round social networking, live invitations, upload photos and custom avatars! You can also post your mood and share your life in real time, view your photos and see your friends’ faces, like, message, grab the sofa for your favorite TA, refuse to be silent, engulf the loneliness, and become bored from then on.

[Hand-dancing and dancing for three students]
The most romantic is the first sight on the dance floor, and invites her to dance. The dance floor is not only the pace, but also the heart, press the “sweet word” button, and love will say it out loud.

【Fun Wedding Anpan accompanied】
A romantic and fun Chinese wedding, picking up the bride, picking up wedding candy, grabbing hydrangeas, filling the wedding wine, and exulting. Ten miles of red silk, from now on, you and I depend on each other, let you be prosperous forever, never give up!

[Cross-service fairyland, every inch of the land is competing]
Cross-service battle against the territorial territory of Xianyu, defend the territory, play strategic games, and enjoy hearty cross-service confrontation. The true kings only fight to protect the glory!

【Master and apprentice love free VIP4】
Unique apprenticeship system, apprenticeship to receive VIP4 for free, exclusive copy, offline hook-up to get full experience, easily break into rivers and lakes.

【New boss brave invincible】
All-day battle, unlimited bosses, super high explosion rate, drop the Warrior Warrior to counterattack, get epic wings to envy others, a lot of good free to receive!

【Birth of Swords, Brothers of Life and Death】
Thousands of miles of swordsman did not ask, life and death to the horizon! Kai Zong Li Pai, brother of life and death, fear of sword and sword!

== Contact us ==
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ssjj.yjqx/ or search @ 一剑 倾心
This software is classified as auxiliary level 12 according to the game software grading management method because it involves violence.
The game provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid addiction.


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